Kafeneio Coffeehouse

Coffee made to please the Gods

Mon - Sun: 7 am - 1 pm

Kafeneio Coffeehouse Release of Liability

Event Contract

Read Carefully- This affects your legal rights.

            The ideals or actions of any group, organization, club, or event do not represent the views of Kafeneio Inc.

I ,___________________________________(person and business entity holding event), agree to be held liable and am financially responsible for any damages, injuries or  inflicted on any Kafeneio Coffeehouse property or as a result of the _______________________________________________ event.

  • I am liable and financially responsible for any person’s injury as a result of this event. Whether by negligence, improper care of equipment, or insufficient provided security.
  • I am liable and financially responsible for any fines or legal pursuit conducted against Kafeneio Coffee House as a result of this event.

I also agree that I will prevent the following at this event:

  • Alcohol brought into the building by anyone in attendance.
  • The abuse of prescription drugs and/or Illegal drugs that are brought into the building by anyone in attendance.
  • Permitting anyone already inebriated or under the influence of drugs to enter Kafeneio Coffeehouse and the event.
  • Weapons or any item meant to cause harm that (or deemed harmful by Kafeneio staff) are brought into Kafeneio and the event.

Should any of the preceding incidents occur, I acknowledge that Kafeneio can terminate the event and bar me from holding an event on their property in the future, as well as withhold the provided safety deposit.   

Also, the responsible person and business holding the event will assume all liability and responsibility of any incidents, injuries and any damages to Kafeneio property or other persons.

Should the event require security personnel, I will provide them.

Any person or entity holding events are responsible for all sales tax paperwork and payments for sales and use taxes or any other municipal agency requirements on sales or trade they perform.